Smiljan Radic: Every So Often a Talking Dog Appears

and Other Essays (2G Essays)

Smiljan Radic, Moises Puente (Ed.) Patricio Mardones (Forword)

Koenig Books, 2019


This compilation of essays by the Chilean architect Smiljan Radic covers twenty years of written production. The texts were written for various reasons: on the occasion of the publication of a book, as lectures or to accompany an exhibition. They are an invaluable aid to reaching a better understanding of the work of this magnificent architect, but they can also be read independently as shrewd personal reflections on architecture and other disciplines. Radic’s texts are almost always assemblages of several pieces or paragraphs that, although written by an architect, do not attempt to refer to a particular project or work.


ISBN: 9783960984870

136 pages, 21,6 x 14,2 cm, hardcover, English