Sean Scully: Human (book Abbazia di San Giorgio Maggiore)

Norberto Villa, Carmelo Grasso, Kelly Grovier

Skira, 2019


Published on the occasion of the Venetian exhibition, the monograph brings together recent works and new pieces by the famous abstract artist who created a series of new sculptures, paintings, drawings and watercolors directly inspired by the Abbey of San Giorgio Maggiore of the monks, their vast collections illuminated manuscripts and the Benedictine church of the 16th century. Works characterized by Scully’s instantaneous and recognizable visual vocabulary of horizontal and vertical stripes, which reflects fifty years of constant refinement. The fulcrum of the exhibition is the new and impressive Opulent Ascension, a site-specific sculpture over ten meters high, created by superimposing different modules covered by colored fabric: the different colors visually suggest the steps of a monumental, ascending staircase that leads to the he is tall and soon reveals the genius of the artist, always able to surprise us with new stylistic formulas and symbolic references. A dizzying, charismatic work that catalyzes the observer, leading him to the base of the artist’s creative idea and which embodies Scully’s conviction that his work can act as a channel between the physical world we can see and the transcendent one to which he aspires ‘soul. Edition in English (with Italian texts in the appendix). Exhibition catalog (Venice, Abbey of San Giorgio Maggiore, 8 May – 13 October 2019)


ISBN: 9788857241234

320 pages, 27 x 22 cm, illustrated, hardcover, English/Italian