Roelant Savery’s wonderlijke wereld (Mauritshuis)

Ariane van Suchtelen

Mauritshuis & Waanders Uitgevers, 2024


Roelant Savery (1578-1639) was born in Kortrijk in the middle of the Eighty Years’ War. His family belonged to the large group of Flemish people who had to move to the Northern Netherlands, the current Netherlands, because of the war. In Amsterdam, Roelant was trained as a painter by his older brother Jacob. At the end of 1603 or beginning of 1604 he left for Prague. There he went to work for the Habsburg Emperor Rudolf II, the greatest collector of his time. After the death of the emperor he returned to the Netherlands and lived in Utrecht. As a true pioneer, Roelant Savery was at the basis of various new genres in Dutch painting. Savery drew and painted landscapes, flowers, animals and people. He depicted flora and fauna, numerous species that had been imported into Europe for the first time from all over the world. The earliest flower still life from Dutch painting is by Savery. He also painted the legendary dodo, the extinct bird from the African island of Mauritius. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789462625211

144 pages, 100 illustrations, 26 x 21 cm, paperback, Dutch