Rinus Van De Velde: I’d Rather Stay at Home,…

Fanni Fetzer, Koen Sels

Kunstmuseum Luzern & Hannibal, 2021


Belgian artist Rinus Van de Velde (°1983) has taken remarkable steps in the development of his oeuvre in recent years. While at the beginning of his career he was best known for his large-scale charcoal drawings, he now profiles himself as a total artist, through the use of various media such as drawing, sculptures, installations and film. Initially found photos and images were used as the basis for the drawings, but Van de Velde went looking for a way to get a better grip on the images. He achieved this through an extensive process of set building, casting himself and people close to him in various roles and characters to fit into the storyline of his fictional autobiography. These sets were developed life-size, reproducing even the smallest detail in wood and cardboard. This book focuses on that part of his artistic practice and is published on the occasion of the solo show of the same name at Kunstmuseum Luzern, Switzerland.


ISBN: 9789463887625

300 pages, 150 illustrations, 26 x 20 cm, paperback, German/English