Rietveld’s Robijnhof: De geschiedenis van een moderne Utrechtse buurt

Catje Edens (Ed.)

Thoth, 2008


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In the Hoograven-Tolsteeg district of Utrecht there is a special complex by Dutch architect and designer Gerrit Rietveld (1888-1964). The neighborhood from 1958 is a unique example of his serial housing construction. However, its quality became clouded over the years. The owner, housing association Bo-Ex, decided to carry out a major renovation with respect for the original design. She certainly did not choose the easiest path. In collaboration with the municipality of Utrecht and architect Bertus Mulder – Rietveld expert and restorer par excellence – the complex has been adapted to modern requirements. Floor plans have been improved and details such as window frames and glass have been adapted to the original design. The public space has also been tackled according to the original principles. The result is a modern Utrecht neighborhood that shines through the qualities of Rietveld’s design, proof that it is worth investing in the renovation of post-war heritage.
Rietvelds Robijnhof pays attention to the initiative of housing association Bo-ex and the municipality of Utrecht, the place of the Robijnhof in Rietveld’s oeuvre, the restoration of the homes and the design of the outdoor space. The publication also contains interviews with residents of the past and present and a special photo series of the museum home. IN DUTCH!

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ISBN: 9789068684810

78 pages, color illustrations, 22 x 17,2 cm, paperback, Dutch