Relations in Architecture: Writings and Buildings

August Sarnitz

Birkhaüser, 2020


The title of the book sets the two fields of activity pursued by the architect, architectural historian and theorist August Sarnitz – building and writing – in a reciprocal relation: the context to what has been built emerges in the process of writing, just as the context to what has been written emerges in the process of building.

The structure of the book follows precisely this reciprocity: an essay about architectural history and Big Data is followed by three on the topics of urban development, social housing, and the fiction of space. A number of influential Viennese architects appear as well: Frank, Kiesler, Hollein and Prix. The topics of housing, design and furniture are all illustrated with Sarnitz’s own projects; the end of the book is dedicated to architectural photography, which is especially important to Sarnitz in his capacity as publicist.

The richly illustrated book is the first to document Sarnitz’s work as author, designer, exhibition designer, architect and photographer.


ISBN: 9783035618433

240 pages, 24 x 17 cm, 87 color illustrations & 58 bw/w, hardcover, English