Pieter Vermeersch: Variations

François Piron, Kersten Geers, Dieter Roelstraete, Moritz Küng

Museum M & Ludion, 2019


Belgian artist Pieter Vermeersch (° 1973) is a painter, but with his artistic practice he goes beyond the traditional boundaries of the canvas. He questions and investigates the parameters of painting and works on various supports, such as canvas, marble, photo and existing architecture. Time, space and color form the three building blocks of Vermeersch’s oeuvre. These concepts form the basis of his gradual murals and architectural interventions. This book accompanies the exhibition in the Museum M in Leuven (until the end of August 2019).

For Vermeersch, the architectural context of the exhibition space determines the selection of the works and the scenography for each new project. When he decided to leave the boundaries of the canvas, he soon found that he came across a new boundary, namely that of architecture. That architectural context started to serve as a canvas and became a carrier for his murals. His murals consist of gradual color transitions. Nothing betrays the labor-intensive and rational process that comes with its realization. Cellular concrete and brick walls function as the backbone of the exhibition. The rudimentary character of these walls contrasts with the almost perfect finish of the murals and other works in the exhibition.


ISBN: 9789493039155

272 pages, 28 x 20 cm, illustrations in colour & b/w, paperback, Dutch/English