Philip Van Isacker: De sculptura (New edition)

Philippe Van Isacker, introduction Jeroen Laureyns

MER. B & L, 2021 (new edition)


Philip Van Isacker is a Belgian artist and the book ‘De sculptura’ is the collection of a series of reflections on sculpture, which can lead to an insight into sculpture. They are works of art that affect our minds and imaginations here and now, like the countless other images and images that surround us. The fact that sculpture, more than any other art form, succeeds in continuing to fascinate us beyond the boundaries of time and space, has to do with the fact that the medium is slow, whereby the substantive digressions disappear and the image as a summary of the reality remains. He is convinced that it is precisely for this reason that it is possible to write about sculpture in the same spirit of openness to a larger and open-minded audience, without constantly falling back on the usual conventions that often close rather than make the works of art accessible. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789463936217

365 pages, b/w illustrations, 24 x 16 cm, paperback, Dutch