Paul Gees: Tension, Balance, Risk, Stability

Marie-Pascale Gildemyn, Nicola Mafessoni, Eric Rinckhout

oktober publications, 2019


Paul Gees (° 1943) occupies a special place in the Belgian art scene. Since 1980, Gees has been researching the relationship between nature and culture in his work. His sculptures embody composite compositions in which balance, tension and a refined sense of proportion prevail. In addition, the well-considered use of wood, metal and rock is striking. Metal acquires a constructive and space-defining meaning, well-dimensioned wood forms a dynamic component and raw stone provides natural mass. The confrontation between these traditional materials creates tension-filled contradictions in a fragile balance: ‘a contemporary alchemist, who elicits energy from the matter’, according to art critic Eric Rinkhout.


ISBN: 9789082681918

520 pages, 26,7 x 20,1 cm, paperback, Dutch/English/Italian