Open ruimte Coalities: Op de schouders van 10 jaar Open Ruimte Platform

Lene De Vrieze, Griet Celen, Bram Vandemoortel, Joachim Declerck, Marie van Loon, o.a.

Public Space, 2023


Farmers and nature associations are joining forces to safeguard open space for food production and at the same time ensure greater biodiversity and landscape quality. Companies and citizens collectively collect rainwater to bridge long periods of drought. A municipal council is making plans together with the residents to pave the village square and provide cooling, peace and relaxation. To accelerate the realization of open space goals, we need more cooperation. That is why the Open Space Platform was created ten years ago, a shared thinking and working space where new coalitions are forged. Over the past ten years, a wave of ambitious open space projects has swept across Flanders. Open Space Coalitions draws on the experience of 179 small and large open space projects, brings inspiring stories of the future and shows initiators the way to knowledge, collaboration and realization. IN DUTCH!

ISBN: 9789491789380

224 pages, illustrated, 26 x 20 cm, paperback, Dutch