New Public Spaces: European Urban Streetscapes in the 21st Century

Die neue Öfentlichkeit: Europäische Strasseräume des 21. Jahrhunderts

Pola Koch, Steffen de Rudder, Stefan Signer

M Books, 2024


Public spaces are being renegotiated in the 21st century. Throughout Europe, there are demands for car-free, climate-compatible, diversely usable, and aesthetically attractive places where people can gather. Urban squares play a key role in this respect. This publication highlights 32 squares located in 16 European countries, all of which have been designed or redesigned in last 20 years. Among these are Trafalgar Square, London, Benthemplein, Rotterdam, Stephansplatz, Vienna, and Nørre Voldgade, Copenhagen. The book introduces the current debate and methods for organising and designing such places, then goes on to present detailed analyses of the selected examples.

ISBN: 9783944425276

344 pages, color illustrations & plans, 30 x 24 cm, paperback, German/English