New Danish Architecture

Kristoffer Lindhardt Weiss

Strandberg Publishing, 2022


A richly illustrated presentation of the ten most visionary architectural projects in Danish architecture from the past 10 years.

1000 pages about new Danish architecture. Through 10 buildings, the book provides a vital signal of the latest Danish architecture – from Bjarke Ingels (BIG) to Dorte Mandrup. Each volume unfolds a single building and portrays the architect behind. The 10 buildings also represent 10 current themes in the contemporary architecture debate. Through an essay and an in-depth interview with the architect. The interview format ensures an informal description, while the essay complements with background knowledge. The book will be a part of the UNESCO World Capital of Architecture in 2023 in Copenhagen.


ISBN: 9788794102292

992 pages, illustrated, 27,6 x 21,8 cm, hardcover, English