Naïef realisme/Naive Realism: van/from Rousseau tot/to Grandma Moses

Marieke Jooren, Sito Rozema, Katherine Jentleson

More museum voor modern realisme & W Books, 2023


Grandma Moses takes a new look at self-taught artists from Europe and the United States in the first half of the twentieth century. Often referred to over time as “naives”, “modern primitives” or “outsiders”, the term “naive realism” now emphasizes the style and theme of the work rather than the background of the artist. What binds them is the urge to realistically represent reality with a highly personal vision, free of academic rules. This book is not only about the idiosyncratic visual language, but also about the way in which this art form was viewed in Europe and the US. And it tells how these artists were embraced by the established art world as a counterweight and source of inspiration. It was especially the dazzling use of colour, the amazing eye for detail, the non-academic ‘being different’ and the gift of telling personal stories that made naive realistic painting so incredibly popular in the early twentieth century. So it is high time for a (renewed) acquaintance with the work of André Bauchant, Camille Bombois, Adolf Dietrich, Morris Hirshfield, Sipke Houtman, Josephine Joy, John Kane, Lawrence Lebduska, Sal Meijer, Grandma Moses, Henri Rousseau, Adalbert Trillhaase and many others.


ISBN: 9789462585423

144 pages, color illustrations, 29,5 x 24,5 cm, hardcover, Dutch/English