Minitopia: Ruimte voor je woonwens

Tessa Peters & Rolf van Boxmeer, Peter Camp, Jeroen Junte

Nai010 Uitgevers, 2020


Minitopia is about the freedom to realize your own housing wishes and shows how compact, flexible housing forms are created in practice. The temporary homes are composed of residential modules, a ready-made product or digitally designed and built in-house, with natural building materials and a smart reuse of existing materials. The traditional and innovative construction methods offer many inspiring ideas for building your own sustainable home. This book is the result of the Minitopia project, a place in the Netherlands where Tessa Peters and Rolf van Boxmeer (Rezone) create conditions for areas where there is room to experiment with new forms of housing. It examines in detail the design of new residential areas and the organic emergence of societies where there is sufficient room for solidarity and togetherness. Minitopia also looks to the future. What is needed to really make living more sustainable? What role do housing associations, construction companies, designers and residents play in this process? IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789462085732

176 pages, 120 color illustrations, 24 x 17 cm, paperback, Dutch