Micronarratives and the City: An Annotated Map of Bucharest

Alina Cristea, Ileana Marin, Mira Sanders

Grafische Cel, 2023


This publication maps spatial experiences/wanderings through the city of Bucharest. Through photography, text, drawing, film, and mixes of different media, the authors explore the mapping of (micro) situations witnessed in the city of Bucharest. The use of image and text forms a common thread across the contributions of the different authors: Alina Cristea draws from her research and practice ‘Bucharest. The City with One Inhabitant. The City-Me’, Mira Sanders brings in the act of drawing to represent/explore ways of spatial experiences, and Ileana Marin examines the creative power of wandering in the city of Bucharest through a selection of Romanian literary works.

This publication does not aim to give an exact representation of Bucharest, but rather to make side notes of its city-ness and to what extent the authors’ actions reveal (or not) other features of the city, at a given time in this spatial context.


ISBN: 9789492574244

104 + 64 pages, illustrated, 24 x 17 cm, hardcover, English