Marker Wadden: Natuur, bouwen, ontwerpen

Teun van den Ende, Rik de Visser, Marcel van der Meijs, Franz Ziegler, Frits Palmboom, Theo Baart, Kelly Shannon

Nai010 uitgevers, 2023


The design story of Dutch Marker Wadden is unique. In just a few years, a completely new group of artificial islands has been created in the Markermeer. The archipelago consists mainly of swamps and shallow waters and is designed as a habitat for birds. Only the main island is open to visitors.

The landscape and the settlement in this newest part of the Netherlands have been designed according to an integrated approach. By shaping the landscape in detail, large-scale natural processes are controlled. The realization of Marker Wadden is the first step in the restoration of the ecology of the lake, which rapidly deteriorated after the construction of the Houtribdijk (the connection between Enkhuizen and Lelystad) in 1976.

This publication contains all aspects of the design story: from the construction of the islands with sand, clay and silt from the Markermeer to the construction of the off-grid settlement. The experiences with and insights from this special design effort are shown in words and images. IN DUTCH!

ISBN: 9789462088009

208 pages, 400 illustrations, 32,4 x 24,3 cm, hardcover, Dutch