Mag dit weg? Methodiek voor herbestemming

Karianne Vandenbroucke

Nai010, 2020


Heritage repurposing is no longer reserved for restoration specialists, but is now part of the daily practice of many architectural firms. What is lacking in that practice is a workable method. How do you bring together the professional approach (culture and building history) and the operational approach (building program and area development)? How do you ensure that the core qualities of a building and the intended function complement and strengthen each other – and bottlenecks are resolved intelligently?

Karianne Vandenbroucke has been working as a heritage specialist at Rijnboutt since 2016. What started as the supply of missing knowledge, culminated in a personal quest to match her scientific orientation and years of experience in traditional restoration processes with the pragmatics and pace of a commercial building practice.

The method of repurposing heritage described in this book has been developed in a dialogue between the author and her colleagues. The importance of the relationship between heritage and the immediate environment is illustrated on the basis of three cases. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789462085572

128 pages, illustrated, 25 x 20 cm, paperback, Dutch