Lucas Gassel van Helmond: Meester van het landschap

Anna Koopstra (Ed.)

Museum Helmond & Waanders, 2020


Lucas Gassel’s paintings invite you to take a good look. Vast landscapes with winding roads and rivers, narrative scenes and meticulous details come to life thanks to Gassel’s painting qualities. With contemporaries such as Joachim Patinir and Henri with de Bles, he co-determined the development of Dutch landscape painting in the sixteenth century – from ‘decor’ for Biblical or apocryphal stories to an independent genre.

Art-historical and material-technical research into part of his core work yielded a wealth of new insights. For the first time, it brings the oeuvre of this sixteenth-century master into the limelight in a new way. 450 years after his death, it is time for a wide audience to meet Lucas Gassel van Helmond, master of the landscape. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789462623071

200 pages, 28 x 23 cm, illustrations in color and bl/w, paperback, Dutch