Louis Paul Boon: Fenomenale Feminatheek

Louis Paul Boon (Prof. Dr. Emiel Steivekleut)

Meulenhoff/Manteau, 2004


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In the late 1950s, Belgian writer Louis Paul Boon (1912-1979) started collecting clippings of naked women. Boon, seismograph of an ever-moving world, wanted to inventory and describe the female body in all its manifestations. The collection grew into the Fenomenale Feminateek, a gigantic undertaking with which Boon examined modern morality in a unique way. When the writer died in 1979, two important parts were almost finished: the Phenomenal Feminateek and European queens with cardboard crowns. In 2004, Meulenhoff/Manteau published a selection of the Fenomenale Feminateek, together with the catalog drawn up by Boon that explains the layout of the images and the texts of the European Queens with Crowns of Cardboard.

ISBN: 9789059900219

wooden box with paperback, 262 pages, b/w illustrations, 22,7 x 14,8 cm, Dutch