Lee Krasner: A Biography

Thames & Hudson, 2019


Lee Krasner descended from Jewish immigrants from Odessa. At the age of 13 she decided to become an artist and was admitted to the Washington Irving High School. After that she took lessons at the Hans Hofmann Academy for many years. In 1945 she married Jackson Pollock. Although she continued to paint, she lived in Pollock’s shadow. The couple influenced each other and commented on each other’s work. They initially lived and worked in a loft in New York and then – until the death of Pollock in 1956 – in the hamlet of Springs, in the state of New York. Lee Krasner often cut old pieces from her own work or from the work of Pollock and used them as material for making her series of collages. After Pollock’s death, she worked hard and her work acquired a stronger character of her own. From 1951 she exhibited in various important galleries in New York, such as the Betty Parsons Gallery in 1951 and 1954. In 1954 she exhibited her collage series here. Gradually she received more attention and appreciation for her work, also internationally. In 1965 Krasner received a major solo exhibition at the White Chapel Gallery in London. In 1981 the Krasner / Pollock: A Working Relationship exhibition took place in the Gray Art Gallery of New York University. Yet in terms of fame, she remained in the shadow of Pollock, who was seen as the leader of American abstract expressionism. Lee Krasner died in 1984 at the age of 75.


ISBN: 9780500295281

592 pages, 19,5 x 12,8 cm, paperback, English