Le boulevard périphérique: Quel avenir?

Guy Burgel, Mathieu Flonneau, François Leclercq

Archicity, 2021


Since its creation, the Paris ring road has never ceased to be a subject of debate. Reflections and adaptation projects have followed one another with varying degrees of acuteness depending on local or global crisis situations. The constant objective is for it to remain a necessary tool for the proper functioning of the Paris area and to contribute to the quality of life of residents. But while the question of an evolution of the infrastructure and its territory is still relevant, the context has changed considerably since its inauguration. What perception do great Parisians have of the Periphery today? Does this motorway axis materialize a simple administrative limit between Paris and the neighboring municipalities? Or does it also mark an urban break, or even a border within Greater Paris? How to overcome the nuisances it causes? Should we cover it in its entirety? Vegetate it? Transform it into an urban boulevard? “Eliminate” it or maintain the status quo? While the climate emergency is leading us to reconsider our lifestyles, what attitude should we adopt with regard to mobility in general and the use of the Peripheral in particular? The Peripheral Boulevard: what future? To this deliberately open question, sixteen personalities share their views on this monumental infrastructure which seems to crystallize all metropolitan, environmental and social tensions. These contributions are preceded by a historical introduction by Emmanuel Briolet. His Brief History of Urbanism in the Parisian Belt lays the foundations for this major issue. IN FRENCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ISBN: 9791090726062

432 pages, illustrated, 23 x 15,5 cm, paperback, French