Landscapes of Faith: Architectural Interventions along the Mexican Pilgrimage Route

Tatiana Bilbao Estudio (Ed)

Lars Müller Publishers, 2017


La Ruta del Peregrino (the pilgrimage route) stretches a distance of 117 kilometers through the vast and imposing mountain range of Jalisco, Mexico. Approximately two million people participate each year in this religious phenomenon to meet the Virgin of Talpa as an act of devotion, faith, and gratitude. This book conveys the feeling of traveling on the pilgrim’s route and encountering architectural monuments and their infrastructure, like shelters and viewpoints, embedded in the harsh landscape. Each introduced landmark, designed by renowned architects, sparks a dialogue about sustainability and austerity, landscape and architecture. Landscape of Faith is a documentation of the way architecture can increase the identity of a pilgrimage route and add layers of meaning that reach far beyond the religious.

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ISBN: 9783037784990

320 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 26 × 19 cm, paperback, Engels