Kunio Maekawa (JA 117)

Hera Van Sande

Japan Architect / Shinkenchiku-sha, 2020


JA 117 features Kunio Maekawa (1905–1986), a leading figure in Japanese modernist architecture, who has worked for both Le Corbusier and Antonin Raymond. Guest editor Hera van Sande, a Belgian architect, introduces her unique vision on Maekawa from both a Western perspective and an architect’s perspective. Kunio Maekawa’s work has established a Japanese architectural identity within the context of modernism. His work is therefore intricately intertwined with both modernism and Japaneseness. Based on this idea, this issue approaches Kunio Maekawa’s work from these two main aspects.


ISBN: 4910051330505

184 pages, 30 x 22 cm, illustrations in color & bl/w, Japanese/English