Kleurrijk keramiek

Draaien, decoreren & inspireren

Inge Burgerhoudt

Forte Creatief, 2021


Colorful ceramics’ is a complete guide to making ceramics on the turntable and applying many colorful decoration techniques. Ceramic artist Inge Burgerhoudt describes turning dishes, bowls, plates, cylinders and vases on the turntable in her book. She then shows you how to decorate them with engobes and shellac and techniques such as sgraffito, intarsia, mishima, and other painting and carving techniques. Many step-by-step photos are included of all processes, both of turning and decorating. Inge also shows how you can make your own patterns and designs. Her colorful ceramics decorated with motifs from nature are a source of inspiration for this. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789462502840

192 pages, illustrated, 27,7 x 21,6 cm, hardcover, Dutch