Kim Lim: Space, Rhythm & Light (The Hepworth Wakefield)

Abi Shapiro

The Hepworth Wakefield & Lund Humphries, 2023


Sculptor and printmaker Kim Lim (1936-1997) had a lifelong fascination with space and its relationship with two- and three-dimensions. This important new publication explores her outstanding body of work. In a series of fascinating chapters, leading art-world specialists survey the artist’s rich career and legacy across four decades. Exploring Lim’s profound contribution to the development of modern British abstract art, her marginalisation in the histories of sculpture since her death is questioned. Through reproductions of Lim’s work in wood, metal, stone and paper, the artist’s shape-shifting oeuvre, which continually probed relationships between space, light and form, is rightfully brought centre stage. Including discussion of Lim’s Asian heritage and its connection to her work, this publication is essential reading for all those seeking new perspectives on both Lim and British art history more broadly.


ISBN: 9781848226661

128 pages, illustratedd, 26 x 22 cm, hardcover, English