Jules Buyssens en Le Nouveau Jardin Pittoresque

Florence André, Jean-Marie Bailly, Claire Billen, Odile De Bruyn, Stéphanie de Courtois, Eric Hennaut, Michael Jakob, Philippe Nys, o.a.

CIVA, 2023


Jules Buyssens (1872-1958) is a major figure in the art of gardens and landscape in Belgium. After fifteen years of international training, which he ended as head of Edouard André’s office in Paris, he designed more than a thousand projects in Belgium and in ten countries, mainly European (France, Russia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Monaco, Poland, Lithuania). He designed parks and gardens for the aristocracy and the wealthy international bourgeoisie (Prince and Princess Napoleon in Ronchinne, the Solvays in La Hulpe and Brussels, Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild in Monte-Carlo, the Comtesse de Pourtalès in Switzerland and Baron de Dietrich in Alsace…), works for various municipalities and, in the interwar period, develops attractive little city gardens that combine picturesque and Art Deco.
Initiator of the movement and the magazine Le Nouveau Jardin Pittoresque, he was also chief landscape architect for the City of Brussels (1904-1937) and responsible for the landscaping of the 1935 Universal Exhibition at Heysel. IN DUTCH / AVAILABLE IN FRENCH ON REQUEST

ISBN: 9782930391663

272 pages, 240 illustrations, 28 x 22 cm, hardcover, Dutch (available in French on request)