Jo Taillieu / Jan Vermeulen / Graux & Baeyens (a.mag 31)

+ Amag 02: Portuguese architecture technical manual

Amag, 2023


Despite having different approaches, the three Belgian firms featured in this issue have the same outstanding sense of awareness, a deep respect for the locale, and an extensive rigour in their pursuit of the best solution for each project. Jo Taillieu frequently explores the relationship between architecture and nature, fusing principles drawn from modernism with organic elements. Jan Vermeulen presents simple, clear, and rational geometrical forms in his work, as well as a carefully considered use of silent materials, light, and transparency throughout all spaces. Graux & Baeyens responds to the context, striking a balance between traditional and contemporary principles.


ISBN: 9789895390571

208 pages, illustrated, 32 x 24 cm, paperback, Portugese/English