Jeff Wall

Emily Wei Rales, Nora Severson Cafritz, Fanna Gebreyesus, Yuri Stone (Eds)

Glenstone Publications, 2021


Canadian artist Jeff Wall (b. 1946) has been making arresting, complex pictures for over four decades. Using large-format photography that references both the deliberateness of painting and the immediacy of the moving image, he is known for immersive, sharply detailed scenes featuring figures enacting everyday dramas. Jeff Wall commemorates the artist’s first monographic exhibition at Glenstone, a survey of artworks from the collection made between 1978 and 2018, and the artist’s first exhibition in the Washington, D.C. area since 1997. The publication features an introduction by Glenstone co-founder and director Emily Wei Rales, an essay by art critic and poet Barry Schwabsky, and plates of the artworks included in Glenstone’s collection.


ISBN: 9780999802977

91 pages, illustrated, 30,7 x 25,7 cm, hardcover, English