Home Futures: Living in Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Eszter Steierhoffer

The Design Museum, 2019


The twentieth century offered up countless visions of domestic life, from the aspirational to the radical. Whether it was the dream of the fully mechanised home or the notion that technology might free us from home altogether, the domestic realm was a site of endless invention and speculation. But what happened to those visions? Are the smart homes of today the future that architects and designers once predicted, or has ‘home’ proved resistant to radical change?
Home Futures: Living in Yesterday’s Tomorrow –accompanying a major Design Museum exhibition of the same title–explores a number of different attitudes toward domestic life, tracing the social and technological developments that have driven change in the home. It proposes that we are already living in yesterday’s tomorrow, just not in the way anyone predicted.


ISBN: 9781872005423

304 pages, 260 kleur & z/w illustrations, 17 x 24 cm, paperback, English