Helen Frankenthaler: Drawing within Nature – Paintings from the 1990s

Thomas E. Crow

Gagosian, 2023


This catalog documents an exhibition that focuses on Helen Frankenthaler’s paintings on canvas of the early 1990s, along with three large-scale paintings on paper from 1995. In this period, Frankenthaler experimented with new mediums and techniques, resulting in thickly impastoed surfaces that recalibrate our understanding of her practice. A new essay by Thomas Crow examines these paintings in the context of the varied environments in which Frankenthaler lived and worked, from the warm-toned terrain of Santa Fe, New Mexico, to her seaside home and studio in Stamford, Connecticut.


ISBN: 9780847873807

88 pages, illustrated, 32,5 x 27,9 cm, hardcover, English