Hansje van Halem: Sketchbook

Edition of 200 copies

Uitgeverij De Buitenkant, 2013


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For assignments as well as personal research, Hansje draws letters and patterns. This book is a compilation of self generated, commissioned, applied, rejected and unfinished sketches, type drawings, experiments, patterns and failures made between 2003 and 2013.

“In 2003, Dutch graphic designer Hansje van Halem graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and started her own studio in Amsterdam. Specialised in typography and book design, she creates letters, textures and patterns, both digitally and manually. This gorgeous monographic volume comprises an anthology of extraordinary work from throughout the past decade, compiling a dizzying array of commissioned, applied, self-generated, rejected and unfinished sketches, type drawings, motifs and experiments (both successes and failures). The sketchbook speaks for itself, as unused material often becomes a source from which Van Halem draws further inspiration.”


ISBN: 9789490913342

448 pages, hardcover, English