Handboek voor de bloementuin

Judith van Lent

Lannoo, 2024


<pWhether you want to color a completely new garden with plants or want to freshen up an older garden, with this inspiring book you can create a sustainable overall picture of beautiful and strong flowering borders.

Do you dream of enjoying a flowery and lively garden all year round? In this handbook, garden designer and MAY & JUNE founder Judith van will tell you from A to Z how you can plant such a dream garden yourself. With a great eye for detail, she shares which perennials, shrubs and trees you can use to build a garden layer by layer, but also how you can combine them into beautiful borders. Judith also shows in an accessible manner how you can create a planting plan tailored to your garden, with a lot of attention to native flowers that also promote biodiversity. Judith is also known for her 'pick-proof' gardens, designed so that you can use your own garden as a flower shop. She does not limit herself to perennials, flower bulbs, annuals, herbs, shrubs and trees are also discussed extensively. With the help of extensive plant sheets, inspiring example gardens and in-depth theory, you are ready to successfully complete your garden project. IN DUTCH!

ISBN: 9789401495240

288 pages, illustrated, 24,9 x 20,5 cm, hardcover, Dutch