Guillermo Kuitca: Theatre Collages

Guillermo Kuitca, Stephen Barlow, Karen Wright

Hauser & Wirth & Scalo Verlag, 2005


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Beautifully designed publication.
Guillermo Kuitca’s auditoria are alive, volcanoes underpinning the dormant theatre of life. His theatres are empty but throbbing, waiting, home to the ghosts of past events, and of battles to come. They pulse with hot colour, some drifting dreamily and vaporously on wistful aqua gauzes, others glowing hot in the darkness, a darkness that hides the public from the performer’s blinded eyes. – Guillermo Kuitca. (excerp fromThe Footprints of Performance by Stephen Barlow)

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ISBN: 9783039390304

76 pages, illustrated, 30,3 x 24,8 cm, hardcover, English