Groenblauwe netwerken / Green-blue Grids (Revised Edition)

Handleiding voor veerkrachtige steden / Manual for Resilient Cities

Hiltrud Pötz, Pierre Bleuzé

Atelier Groenblauw, 2022 (herziene uitgave/revised edition)


Green-blue networks is an updated reprint of the successful book by Hiltrud Pötz and Pierre Bleuzé: “Green-blue networks for sustainable and dynamic cities”.

Half of the earth’s inhabitants live in cities and urbanization is only increasing. The quality of our future therefore depends on the quality of our cities.
Our challenge in this century is to keep our cities and our planet liveable, safe, healthy and attractive for ourselves. Due to climate change, increasing urbanization and the depletion of raw materials, the cities will have to undergo a more or less gradual transformation from mainly consuming raw materials and food (in the literal sense) to producing food themselves.
One attractive and efficient means of shaping this necessary transformation is the development of green-blue urban networks that will have a mitigating effect on the effects of climate change in the urban area. Our cities need to create more resilience to meet the challenges, because the lack of resilience will not only lead to a shortage in the technical infrastructural functioning, but also have consequences for the social and economic functioning of the city.
Green and water are the carriers of the green-blue networks. Many ecosystem services can be realized in these green-blue networks, such as water storage and purification, biodiversity, recreation, improvement of air quality, and so on.
In addition, this green-blue urban design will provide more space for the development of biodiversity and a healthier and more attractive living environment.

This book explains the principles in the field of sustainable urban planning and a large number of concrete measures. The principles and measures relate to the water tasking, limiting heat, biodiversity, urban agriculture, energy generation from biomass, air and quality of life. About forty realized international examples in the field of green-blue and sustainable urban planning demonstrate the feasibility of the principles and measures.

It is both a visionary and a practical and inspiring book for education and practice. Useful for developers, urban designers, hydraulic engineers and anyone interested in making the city more sustainable and living.

ISBN: 9789090298221

616 pages, plans & color illustrations, 28 x 22 cm, paperback, Dutch/English