Green Facades (Detail Practice)

Nicole Pfoser

Edition Detail, 2024


Climate change, extreme weather conditions, the degradation of biodiversity, CO2 and fine-dust pollution in cities demand action.
How can architecture make a contribution to achieving a paradigm shift? Can architecture not only be designed to be removable and recyclable, but to be additionally green as well? Can architecture also be an ecological system? What is blue-green architecture?
Architects face the demand to fully exploit unused potential and find ways to use plants as tools for design. This is both the case in the development of spaces as well as urban environments, but particularly on buildings themselves.

“Green Facades” provides architects with the necessary specialist knowledge to competently deal with the living architecture on the building envelope.

ISBN: 9783955536206

120 pages, illustrated, 29,7 x 21 cm, hardcover, English