Greco (catalogue Louvre)

Guillaume Kientz (Ed.)

Louvre Éditions, Réunion des Musées & Art Insitute Chicago, 2019


Retrospective of the work of El Greco, prolific inventor who has renewed in depth the Christian and mythological iconographies, testifying to an independence of mind that finds an echo in the freedom of his touch. Recognized and adopted by the avant-garde of the twentieth century, this first great painter of the Spanish Golden Age mixes tradition and modernity, Titian Fauves, Mannerism Cubism.

“De l’inconnu, des noces qui s’y consomment et qui nous valent les chefs-d’œuvre, Greco tire la pourriture divine de ses couleurs, et son jaune et son rouge qu’il est le seul à connaître. Il en use comme de la trompette des anges.” (Jean Cocteau)

Catalog of the exhibition presented at the Grand Palais National Galleries from October 14, 2019 to February 10, 2020. ONLY IN FRENCH!




ISBN: 9782711871599

224 pages, 31 x 23 cm, illustrated, hardcover, French