Giambattista Piranesi: An Architect Out of Time

Chiara Casarin, Pierluigi Panza (Eds.)

Palazzo Sturm, Bassano del Grappa & Silvana Editoriale, 2020


Three hundred years ago Giambattista Piranesi was born in Venice: engraver. printer, architect and antiquarian. His Carceri and Vedute di Roma remain among the most fantastic creations in the history of art, and continue to fascinate scholars, art lovers of all kinds, and contemporary artists.
This book explores the relations between Piranesi, whose centre of activity became Rome, and Veneto, and reveals the artist’s patrimony in the form of the rich collections held by the Museo Civico and the archives of the municipal library of Bassano del Grappa.

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ISBN: 9788836646074

168 pages, 32 x 24 cm, 80 illustrations, paperback, Italian/English