Gent, stad van alle tijden

Met bijdragen van Birgit Cleppe, Georges Declercq, Marie Christine Laleman, Pieter Uyttenhove en Anne-Laure Van Braene

Marc Boone, Gita Deneckere

STAM & Mercatorfonds, 2010


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It is hard to think of an era in our history in which Ghent did not play a leading role. From a Celtic settlement at the confluence of the Scheldt and Leie, to an important trading and port city in the early Middle Ages, to the largest city in the Low Countries during the Middle Ages, an important city for the wool industry and the cotton industry in more recent times, to the nicest city of Flanders today. Ghent has always managed to distinguish itself from other cities, not only through the proverbial rebelliousness of its inhabitants, but also through the wisdom of many of its administrators.

The glorious and special past of this city shows so many fascinating and diverse aspects that it is absolutely impossible to summarize in a single book, even if it is special in size. The authors of this edition have chosen to describe facets of the city’s past based on the current urban space with its beautiful row of towers, its narrow streets and the frequent presence of rivers and canals. In order to better externalize the image of a “city on the water”, Ghent is currently reopening parts of the filled-in Lower Scheldt.

Because testimonies from successive periods of the past always managed to retain their own place in the street scene, without detracting from the quality of life of the city, Ghent never became a museum but remained a city in which both the past and the present had a place. .

This particularly interesting and educational publication helps the reader to discover the past in today’s street scene. This past is excellently explained by the various authors and related to the city as it presents itself today. Past and present go hand in hand in Ghent; the authors let one flow into the other. IN DUTCH!

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ISBN: 9789061539360

240 pages, illustrations in color & b/w, 30 x 25,7 cm, hardcover, Dutch