General Architecture: Rotunda I (Edition of 500 copies)

Dennis Hankvist, Malin Heyman

Trema Förlag, 2018


Rotunda is a book series produces by Trema Förlag. It focuses on contemporary architecture from Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Denmark). Each book in the series focuses on one single office or architect, showcasing a selection of their projects as well as interviewing them to try and find the reasons behind their work and their ethos. The first book in the series is about the swedish office General Architecture.

General Architecture has mainly worked with transformations and extensions of excisting buildings, sizes vary from log barns to industrial buildings. The publication deals with four projects in depth, illustrated with photographs and drawings: Skellefteå Kraft 2005-10, Nannberga 2008-11, Skären 2012- , Dykaren 2015-18.


ISBN: 9789188539038

178 pages, illustrated, 30,5 x 23,5, hardcover, English/Swedish