Future Cities Lab Indicia

Stephen Cairns, Devisari Tunas (Eds)

Lars Müller Publishers, 2022


This third and final volume in the Indicia book series presents the results of the Future Cities Laboratory research program in the form of actions for sustainable city-making. It complements the first and second volumes of the series that respectively documented the research challenges and approaches that prefigured these results. Read together, the three volumes chart the full arc and many productive eddies of the five-year program and its mission to shape sustainable future cities.

Research results are presented as condensed actions that take the form of general principles, recommendations and practical guidelines. The actions are neither technical standards nor prescriptive checklists but invitations to explore, test and refine research insights within the context in which the reader lives, works and acts. The credibility, salience and legitimacy of each action is underpinned by scientific publications (journal articles, books and exhibitions) presented in extensive footnotes and suggestions for further reading.


ISBN: 9783037786598

300 pages, 100 color illustrations, 24 x 17 cm, paperback, English