Fundamenten van het Stadsontwerp

Marcel Smets

Public Space, 2020


After his many years of experience in education, research, design and policy, Professor Marcel Smets, founder of urban design and former Flemish Government Architect, has bundled his insights into the city and urban design in a personal booklet.
In his quest for the foundations of urban design, Marcel Smets puts forward twenty complementary pairs of concepts. He starts from archetypal settlement forms (ribbon and cluster, ladder and star), typifies morphological categories (street and road, island and archipelago) and highlights changing design processes (creator and curator, step-by-step plan and growth trajectory). The concepts are illustrated with drawings by Heinrich Altenmüller. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789491789250

96 pages, b/w illustrations, 22,8 x 15,4 cm, hardcover, Dutch