Ensor & Brussel (Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België)

Daan van Heesch, Davy Depelchin, Sarah Van Ooteghem

KBR & Mercatorfonds, 2024


Yes, another publication about Ensor … James Ensor (1860–1949) is inextricably linked to Ostend, but it was in Brussels that he flourished as an artist and became a pivotal figure in the Belgian avant-garde. The young painter settled there in 1877 and until the turn of the century he considered Brussels his second home.
This richly illustrated book explores the Brussels of that time and takes the reader to the most important places, encounters and events that shaped Ensor as an artist and person. With Ensor as guide, the city unfolds as a melting pot of prosperous bourgeois and struggling bohemians, conservative critics and rebellious artists, looking for entertainment in stately theaters and smoky popular theaters.
This publication shows more than two hundred works by Ensor from the collections of the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR) and the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium (KMSKB). These extensive collections date back to the 1890s and therefore represent the oldest public collections of paintings, drawings and prints by the Ostend master. IN DUTCH!


ISBN: 9789462303669

216 pages, color illustrations, 26 x 21,5 cm, paperback, Dutch