Emily Graham: The Blindest Man

Void, 2022


In 1993 an anonymous author buried a golden treasure, which has been undiscovered for more than 25 years. This unsolved mystery has obsessed treasure hunters ever since. Many continue to search, guided by a book of allusive clues originally released by the late author when it was first buried. In the making of ‘The Blindest Man’, Emily Graham (born London, 1983) joined in this pursuit. The artist was less interested in solving the puzzle than in various individual interpretations of the clues: the notion of treasure hunting itself, the dreams, fantasies, and obsessions of individual searchers. Through enigmatic images, the book explores the contradictions of a pursuit with no answers and no end.


ISBN: 9786185479206

104 pages, images in color & b/w, 27 x 21 cm, hardcover, English