Echo: Louise Bourgeois, Simone Rocha, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (Momu)

Kunst, kleding, herinnering (english edition available, please specify if you want that one)

Elisa De Wyngaert, Lou Stoppard, Ellen Sampson, Charlie Porter

Momu & Lannoo, 2023


In this publication, the essays and interviews delve deeper into the emotional and tangible memories that clothing conveys. This is explained through works and stories by three artists, each unparalleled in their discipline; Louise Bourgeois, Simone Rocha & Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker.

This book is about personal and universal memories, about motherhood and growing up, about embracing imperfection and wear and tear and about the passage of time. The pieces highlighted in the book are about childhood, outgrowing clothes and nostalgia. The book includes children’s drawings by great designers, such as Martin Margiela, Mikio Sakabe, Jean Paul Gaultier, Simone Rocha, and many others.

In addition to contemporary art and fashion, ECHO also sheds light on unique objects from the MoMu collection. Pieces that reveal the presence of their previous owners, telling stories about their lives, emotions and history. IN DUTCH, ENGLISH VERSION IS COMING SOON!

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ISBN: 9789401496681

176 pages, illustrated, 26,3 x 21,3 cm, paperback, Dutch (English version is coming soon!)