Dirk Braeckman: Évidences possibles

Texts Éric Suchère, Jean-Charles Vergne

Frac Auvergne, 2022


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Dirk Braeckman’s photographs are vibrations of tones delicately contained between the absolute blackness of a charcoal powder and the irradiating whiteness of the glare of lamps, of solar rays or the dazzling glare of pulsing flashes. From the most opaque blacks to the most strident whites, the granularity of light neutralized by gray or by the twilight extinction of color makes the details of the world rest on a surface of total dullness.

On a strictly technical level, these photographs are photographic, that is undeniable, but they nevertheless escape the genre and are imbued with an intonation which is that of painting. Dirk Braeckman was first a painter, and this initial practice was decisive in the way in which photography subsequently became the catalyst for a painter’s gaze. Dirk Braeckman’s art does not produce images because images have no surface, unlike his works whose granulation matters as much as a painter’s touch.

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ISBN: 9782907672368

192 pages, 188 images in b/w & colour, 29 x 23 cm, paperback, English/French