Dinosaurs are Collectible: Dino’s in kunst en wetenschap

Thijs Demeulemeester, Koen Stein

Lannoo, 2022


Collectors are targeting dinosaurs en masse these days. Dinosaur skeletons, eggs, bones and other fossils are selling smoothly in the art market. How do you start such a collection? Why are they so popular? And why does a T.rex cost as much as a Picasso?
In Dinosaurs are collectible we dig up stories about the most talked-about dinosaur finds. But you also read about a dandy fur-cloaked fossil hunter, Charles Dickens’ dinosaur novels or a dinner in an Iguanodon.
The dinomania also seeps through to film directors and artists. In their imagination they bring dinosaurs back to life. But will the Jurassic Park scenario ever really be possible? Can we reincarnate prehistoric monsters with dinosaur DNA?
Dinosaurs are collectible figure it out to the bone.IN DUTCH!ENGLISH VERSION ON REQUEST


ISBN: 9789401482141

176 pages, color illustrations, 25,5 x 20 cm, hardcover, Dutch (English on request)