Dieric Bouts: Beeldenmaker (M Leuven) – Maker of Images

Peter Carpreau (Ed.)

Museum M Leuven & Hannibal, 2023


Dieric Bouts (ca. 1410/1420–1475) is one of the most elusive figures in the history of Western art. Flemish primitive of the second generation, painter of silence – these are the labels that are usually attached to him. But isn’t the Brabant master much more than that?

In this book, published on the occasion of the major retrospective DIERIC BOUTS. Image maker in M Leuven, an attempt is made to get closer to this enigmatic figure. Dieric Bouts had both feet in the world: this is the only way we can understand his work. In-depth essays and short texts that focus on a specific work by the Flemish master outline the social, intellectual and artistic context of that period. They illuminate Bouts’ oeuvre from new angles and, through a radical confrontation with contemporary visual culture, offer a new view of works that are more than five centuries old. The result is a nuanced image of the great Leuven painter who reclaims his place in art history as a vision-expanding image maker.
Edited by Peter Carpreau. With contributions from Inigo Bocken, Jordan Marie Booker, Till-Holger Borchert, Peter Carpreau, Marjan Debaene, Mark Derez, Bart Fransen, Valentine Henderiks, Stephan Kemperdick, Didier Martens, Gust Van den Berghe and Michiel Verweij.

This publication appears on the occasion of the impressive retrospective in M Leuven from October 20, 2023 to January 14, 2024. IN DUTCH, BUT AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH ON REQUEST


ISBN: 9789464666663

240 pages, illustrated, 32 x 24,5 cm, hardcover (available in English on request!)