DESIGN-A-BOOK: Vernieuwing & experiment in België / Recherches & créations en Belgique / Research and Creation in Belgium

Géraldine David, Jan Baetens, Sofiane Laghouati, Nadia Corazzini, o.a.

Wittockiana Musée des arts du livre et de la reliure & Atelier du Livre de Mariemont, 2023


Design-a-Book, organized by the Atelier du Livre de Mariemont and the Wittockiana, Museum of Book Art and Bookbinding, is an exhibition dedicated to research and innovation in the field of book design and creative bookbinding in Belgium. Through artistic productions that question the materiality, reading and future of the book, DESIGN-A-BOOK tells a recent history of the book.


ISBN: 9782873050146

125 pages, illustrated, 25,7 x 18,5 cm, paperback,Dutch/French/English