De wilde planten van België

Annelies Jacobs

Lannoo, 2023


<pDuring her walks through Belgian nature, ecologist Annelies Jacobs mapped all the native plants in her path. She discovered more than 1200!
She went looking for the stories behind them and has bundled the 300 most remarkable plants in this book. What is special about the project is that the author even found a number of plants that were suspected to have been extinct for a long time. Thanks to this book, they are coming back into the spotlight. In this way, the book immediately bridges the gap between climate change and nature conservation.
Each background story is illustrated with photographs and botanical fiches.
An ideal guide for those who like to go out and enjoy all the beauty that our Belgian nature has to offer. IN DUTCH!

ISBN: 9789401496209

416 pages, illustrated, 28,9 x 24 cm, hardcover, Dutch