De Panter praat: Adriaan Raamdonck in 12 postulaten

Adriaan Raemdonck, Guinevere Claeys, Johan Faes

Uitgeverij Vrijdag, 2023


1.617 / 5.000
Adriaan Raemdonck (°1945) talks like a Panther, agile and indomitable, in his own maxims. Twelve postulates serve as emblems to mark more than fifty years of art history. He talks about liberation and connection. About dreaming and not being able to pay for electricity. About making the invisible visible. About Ensor and Richter, Cox and Bervoets, and all those other Panthers in crime.
The profession of ‘gallerist’ hardly existed, so Adriaan invented it. He gave it form and content, and fought for the rights of artists and collectors. As chairman of the Belgian Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries (BUP) and of the
Federation of European Art Galleries (FEAGA), he inspired the entire art world with his fieldwork. Adriaan taught his people to exhibit.
His gallery De Zwarte Panter in the center of Antwerp is the oldest in the country and a living memory of twentieth-century painting. Everyone is and remains welcome. Adriaan does not choose a color. He goes for the full palette and the pleasure of mixing. When you stand in front of a work by Magritte, you don’t think who or what he would have voted for. IN DUTCH!p>


ISBN: 9789464341928

126 pages, illustrated, 21 x 14 cm, paperback, Dutch